Night Sky App Reviews

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So coooool

I enjoy using this app The only drawback is thats kids are stealing my iPhone in the evening

The night sky

Je voudrais consulter ce site avec la traduction française

Night sky




Please work on a multilingual version (French and Spanish at least!).

Highly necessary


Very intersting

Night sky

Cool !

Night sky

Very good ap.


Runs smooth and its very entertaining

Very good.






Simple, but good

Worked right away - very easy to use

Not Good enough

The positioning does not work... In every direction is NORTH. The app offers you up-sell like Star Infos. They are bad. Do Not Guy them.

Realy cool

fare out jtm

The best one

Fantastic! For all skywatchers!


What a brilliant app!

Dont use Google translate to translate your texts

It would be really great if you would employ a real translator, not just Google translate or something similar: those machine translated texts are an abomination!

Company replaced the app with a commercial

This used to be a fun app. Now the screen is crowded with control bars that do not work, just invite you to buy the upgrade if you try to use any of the features actually advertised as part of the upgrade (most companies upgrade after initial support), so they have taken away the functionality of what we had. How about an "upgrade" back to the working version? Why buy an app from a company that takes it away?

Cant really use it.

This app asks for money so often, and traps you into purchases. It is practically useless. Im sure there are much smarter, practical and intelligent ways to identify objects in the night sky.

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